2023/10/023 min read

World tour of the 10 best museums where you can find dinosaurs

If your reading and research of fossils does not satisfy your prehistoric curiosity enough, we recommend that you visit one of the museums we are going to talk about in this article. you will be impressed by the collection of fossils they have. 1- Natural History Museum, Paris, France The paleontolo...
2023/08/2218+ min read

The 15 fossil Hunting Tools and Equipment you need have

Collecting fossils can vary from a simple walk in the middle of nature or on a beach in shorts and a t-shirt during the summer to a challenge that requires physical effort during the winter. the need to dress appropriately to protect against risks merits planning the necessary tools to help you on y...
2023/08/2013+ min read

TOP 5 Fossil Hunting Locations in the World

Do you love dinosaurs? I mean really love them? So you're like me! and I guess you would love to find and own some amazing dinosaur fossils yourself as i do in Morocco, right? You know, you might even make some serious money 💲 if you find some good ones and keep them, maybe you can build your own s...

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