World tour of the 10 best museums where you can find dinosaurs fossils

If your reading and research of fossils does not satisfy your prehistoric curiosity enough, we recommend that you visit one of the museums we are going to talk about in this article. you will be impressed by the collection of fossils they have.

1- Natural History Museum, Paris, France

The paleontology and comparative anatomy gallery is the most impressive in France. Alongside diplodocus, iguanodons, carnotaurus and other Triceratops there is also a giant prehistoric crocodile with nightmarish teeth!

2- Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Belgium, Brussels

This museum has the largest gallery in the world devoted to dinosaurs. With a collection of 30 Iguanodon skeletons and many other bones, the Brussels paleontological department is one of the richest and most impressive in the world.

3- Museum of Natural History - Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Museum of Natural History has a very large collection of dinosaur bones, mainly discovered in Tanzania in the 20th century. The most impressive specimen in the collection is a brachiosaurus skeleton, one of the largest species discovered to date. 

The specimen kept in Berlin is the largest complete skeleton ever discovered, and is in the record books.

4- Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta, États-Unis

The Fernbank of Atlanta exhibits the giants of the Mesozoic. There are the remains of the gigantaosaurus, a carnivorous lizard just as terrible as the famous T-rex. You can also admire the agentinosaurus, which during its lifetime was the largest land animal ever recorded, weighing around a hundred tonnes. Twenty skeletons of the famous pterosaur, the flying dinosaur are also on display.

5 - American Museum of Natural History, New York, Etats-Unis

Known worldwide thanks to the film "Night at the Museum", with Ben Stiller, the New York Museum of Natural History is also one of the best in the world. 

The fourth floor is entirely devoted to fossils. There are tyrannosaurs, triceratops, stegosaurus and many other species, each more amazing than the next.

6- Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Alberta, Canada

This Canadian museum has a rich collection of 130,000 fossils. In particular, there is the fossil called "Black Beauty", a particularly well-preserved Tyrannosaurus fossil, which takes its nickname from its black color. 

The Royal Tyrrell also has a few re-enactments of prehistoric life, including a mammoth attack by saber-toothed tigers.

7- Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Zigong, Chine

Located on the Danshanpu excavation site, this vast museum allows its visitors to observe how the fossils are excavated. It has 18 complete skeletons and about 200 incomplete ones. 

There are also fossils of footprints and much rarer skins. The site attracts approximately seven million visitors each year.

8- Field Museum, Chicago, Etats-Unis

At the entrance to the museum you will be greeted by Sue, the largest T-Rex skeleton to date. Its skull alone weighs 270 kilos and its impressive jaw is equipped with 58 sharp teeth. 

The Field Museum's evolution section traces the 4 billion years of evolution of life on our planet. There are remains of dinosaurs from all over the world.

9 - Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Wyoming, Etats-Unis

The finest piece at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a 100-foot superaur. The center also has the most complete archeopteryx skeleton ever exhumed, as well as a fine collection of triceratops, stegosaurs and velociraptors. 

Visitors also have the opportunity to search the ground for fossils themselves. The place is one of the richest excavation sites in the world.

10 - Jurassic Land, Istanbul, Turquie

naugurated in 2011, this museum is both educational and entertaining. There are authentic dinosaur skeletons alongside animatronics.

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